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Michelin & India


Winning a Michelin star should be every chef’s dream.

Sadly, most chefs in India aren’t even aware of it. This is because Michelin Tires, the company who owns the Michelin Star Guide does not consider India to be an eligible participant. Reasons unclear, one can only speculate why. If Michelin stars were given out in India, quite a few restaurants would receive them.

If a Michelin star is what a chef seeks, the only way possible is through perfection.

Here are a few Chefs from India who have won Michelin stars abroad and in doing so, proving to all of us back here that, if there’s one way Indian chefs can achieve Michelin level perfection and recognition, it is through the evolution of Indian cuisine.


Atul Kochhar (Benaras, London) menuatul

Vineet Bhatia (Zaika, London)


Vivek Singh (The Cinnamon Club, London) watch food video


Vikas Khanna( Junoon, New york) see recipes


Sriram Aylur (Quilon’s, London)


Alfred Prasad (Tamarind, New Port beach, California) read article




That pretty much sums it up from a chef’s point of view. I wouldn’t want to express my views on this, as they might not be 100% accurate.



To read more on why, here’s an expert expressing his views on the same:



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